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Leah considers herself lucky to have a roommate that's as pleasant as Olivia is, but it's frustrating when your roommate is also your best friend. It gets better when you and your roommate totally screw, but she seems to think nothing of it beyond friendship!

Leah would like to survive her first semester at uni, but between Olivia and chronic migraines, she's not so sure she can.

If those who contributed wish to have any part of the credits changed, please email beepingdev@gmail.com

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(7 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel


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This VN was released 5 years ago, so I suppose there will never be a sequel.

Which is a shame, because I would have loved to see how their relationship would evolve.


well. the game is good but ...

its a little bit too short

the plot is very nice

but i was hoping for loger story of their relansioship ;)

the whole idea is great but I'd like it to be more detailed also.


This game was seriously great and well-written. Amazing pacing and narration. You can't help but smile while reading this VN. I loved it.

Cute game!

This was really well done. Reminds me a bit of the manga Octave in its characters and story. Another thing this has in common with Octave is that it has a very distinct art style that I quite like. You're obviously a very experienced writer and it showed in this piece. Out of all the games I played of the YuriJam, yours easily is in my top 3 favorites. A fantastic job overall. Keep up the good work and continue writing. I'd love to see what you do next.